Snorkle’s Way wants you to have fun with your dog!

Our Services

We specialize in creating individualized programs for you and your dog, so that you get the most out of your training. We provide a unique opportunity to train with very few distractions on our 84-acre property, which includes forested hiking trails, as well as generous open spaces.

We offer the following in private and group sessions:

Canine Enrichment Day Care Camp

Basic Obedience

New Dog Acclimation

Board and Train Day Programs *Please call to discuss

Trick Training/Canine Fitness

Sunday Fundays

Backyard Agility


$45 per day - multi-Day Discount (10%)

Unique, boutique daycamp experience where dogs get to be “dogs” and engage in natural behaviors in a way that is calming and decompressing. Access to the great outdoors through leashed and off-leash environmental hikes on our expansive 84-acre of wooded trails. Freedom of movement allows for choice and exploration, and freedom to sniff and explore provides both physical and mental stimulation. Dogs get to play on our backyard agility equipment and our canine fitness equipment. One-on-one attention is given, and dog-reactive dogs welcomed.

You got a new dog, now what?

2 sessions for $265

Two - one and half hour sessions (one at our facility and one in your home) on how to properly welcome your new dog into your home.  A new dog enters a house looking for rules, and when he doesn’t have any, he will make up his own – usually ones that you won’t want to deal with after they have been imprinted on the dog.   We will cover things like proper way to establish rules and boundaries through leadership and intent, not dominance and intimidation, we’ll discuss different obedience training methods available to you, talk about potty training and crate training.   We’ll discuss how to provide enrichment that exercises the brain and the body.  This is a great introduction for you and your new dog to get started off on the right foot, and on a positive path to developing a strong and committed relationship.  The cost for this intro session is $265.  Have to live within a 18-mile radius of Walkersville, MD.    A 10% will be given to all our other classes offered if you utilize this program.

fido team development

6 sessions for $450

This obedience class will set you and your dog up for success. You will learn how to teach your dog basic skills, such as sit, down, stay, come when called and loose leash walking. Through these classes your dog will also learn good manners including leave it, drop it, go to place and polite greetings. 

Confidence Building 101

5 sessions for $375

Do you have a dog that loses focus when other dogs are around? Is he slightly reactive to other dogs when on leash? Does he have a hard time relaxing on walks? Are you afraid to take him on a hike? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, joining a group class probably makes your stomach turn at the very thought…

In Confidence Building 101, we work on focus, building trust and basic obedience with the goal of creating a more confident dog who will eventually be able to behave himself in a public setting.

Sunday Fundays

(6 sessions for $150 or $30 per session)

Sunday Fundays start with a short hike to burn off some excess energy, and then we play around on some canine fitness and agility equipment, followed by some relationship-building through games and tricks. Sunday Funday dates will be posted on our Facebook page.  You can attend any dates you like. You just have to let us know that you are attending prior to the actual date. 

*You and your dog must be able to traverse uneven ground through the woods*

treats, tricks and happiness

6 sessions for $350 for $60 per session

This class is all about having fun! Learn how to teach your dog a trick, laugh at yourself and have a great time with your dog. Trick training is a team effort!  Both the dog and owner learn about each other. It builds confidence and trust and strengthens obedience skills along the way. You’ll learn how to positively reinforce your dog’s behaviors through rewards like treats, praise and toys.

Fit Fido

(6 sessions for $350 or $60 per session)

This program is based on your and your dog’s needs. Does your dog love to play ball, Frisbee, do agility or participate in weight pull? Or does he need to drop a few pounds?  Would you like to start a jogging program with your dog? We will work with you to come up with a fitness plan that includes stretching, muscle toning, warm-up and cool down using FitPAWS equipment, everyday household items like stools and benches and outdoor obstacles like tree stumps, rocks and logs.  

Treats, Tricks and Happiness Group Style

6 sessions for $175

Join us for this ultra-fun class where you will learn the building blocks of trick training, as well as some of the basic FUNdamentals of backyard agility through positive reinforcement with treats, praise and toys.  Some of the tricks we work on include jumping through a hoop, picking up a dumbbell, bow, roll over, and more! We will also explore the beginning of obstacles such as the teeter totter, jumps, and pause-table!

You will also learn how to obtain your first Do More with Your Dog trick title with our very own certified instructor. Dates will be published on our Facebook page.


Trick Training Workshops

$75 per workshop

Join us for a two-hour workshop where you will learn the building blocks of trick training through positive reinforcement with treats, praise and toys.  You’ll also go home with a few handy tricks that you and your dog can show off at your parties!

You will learn how to obtain your first Do More with Your Dog trick title with our very own certified instructor. Dates will be published on our Facebook page.

**Prices are subject to change at any time.

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